Sunday, December 21, 2008

What you Believe is True!

There is a saying by John Lilly: "What you Believe is True or becomes True within certain limitations." That pretty much says it all...

This of course is very similar to the Abraham-Hicks material, "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction" and even the more scientific approach illustrated in "What the Bleep Do We Know?". The Huna phrase for the same thing is: "Energy Flows Where Attention Goes".

The difference between them is simply the techniques employed to bring results. In other words, how does one ritualize the manipulation of Universal energy so it becomes personalized? Some people prefer to use a visualization board with pictures to refer to every day. Others write a list in the first-person describing their life as they wish it be. A new technique I just read about uses computer software to produce an actual movie to help visualize and thus realize one's dreams. The bottom line in all these methods is how concentrated our focus can become to motivate the manifestation process. If you carefully think about these things with clarity and intent, it will come to pass. And that's a fact I can attest to. The challenge is to get to a place of clarity because we all carry so much subliminal baggage that redirects our intentions and dissipates our powers of manifestation.

That's why the ritual part is so important to bring it into focus. Some even call it "magic" as it mirrors those same techniques used for generations by so-called mystics and sorcerers to cast spells and manipulate events. The main hurtle for the "regular" person is actually believing in the magic as it has been systematically programed out of us by the church and state institutions so they can maintain a degree of control over us by instilling a sense of fear - either of God or the Law - if we start to actually manifest our intentions. Even in the system of "free enterprise" many restrictions have been programmed into the mindset of individuals to keep them within the lines of predictability. Some even say it's a plot between the Pope and the Insurance companies to maintain the 'satus quo' of a society of obedient robots. Because our generations have called all of that into question, the basic foundation of that system is now about to crumble and bring about the "New Earth" everyone is talking about. The key to this change is when each and every one of us realized and begins to exercise our inalienable right of free choice and the very real power that entails.

Still, most of us struggle with that kind of responsibility and the doubts then seep in to weaken our resolve. One needs to realize that change is inevitable no matter what we do anyway and that it is quite possible to simply direct the natural flow of energy towards our personal goals. Those goals, depending on their magnitude and how much they may affect others, take a certain amount of time to come into being. That just makes sense as otherwise we'd all be running into one another with reckless intentions. :o) So, an important quality to develop is Patience. It's almost as important as Gratitude in bringing about the reality you desire. There is also a certain degree of boldness required to get the circuitry to fire up, so to speak. We must develop the courage of conviction to grease the wheels of change, as it were.

Again, all of this is easy enough to point to or write about, but actually putting it into practice is another level all together. That's what separates the players from the watchers.

So, simply stated, we have to BELIEVE TO MAKE IT SO. Therein is the magic and miracle of life.

Do you believe in magic? :o)
I do.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Imagine if you will, a sea of thought-form-bubbles merging together as a veritable ocean of over 7 billion spheres of awareness. This undulating sea of potentiality is the total summation of all human endeavor each seeking to merge with itself as it responds to the tidal shifts of seasonal changes and turmoil from storm surges created by high and low pressure centers. Only a mere 7% are self-aware to whatever degree, but an amount that is sufficient to drive the mass by the mere veracity of directed intention of these few.

History has defined the moral aptitude of such driving forces in our societies. Individual quality of life has become a measure of the value of a human existence as relative to the amount of distressful labor that was endured by vast numbers as part of the creation of that singular lifestyle. In other words, how many had to die to give a prescribed Truth dominion over a given society. With clarity and insight that form of Truth mongering can no longer really exists in our world, however. It is being dissolved like a sand castle on these shores with Liquid Consciousness.

A conscious sensitized view to the shifting nature of reality the past decade or so, might reveal that the many undulations that have occurred in our society have stirred up the sentiment of our existence and created a clouded substance in this River of Liquid Consciousness. So we must seek another level of clarity to see the Truth as a working paradigm.

This aspect of being, that has indeed always been a part of us on the subtle level, becomes more apparent as we learn to tune into more refined frequencies that define our very being. These higher or lighter frequency bands of awareness represent a kind of atmospheric threshold that characterizes the actual dimensional shift of consciousness from a fixed, solid 3D perception to the less dense 4D & 5D perspectives. That is to say, a part of our delicate collective consciousness is beginning to recognize that our world is not solid, fixed and comprised of separate linear constructs; rather, it is more liquid, mutable, forgiving and unified in consistency.

We are awakening to an entirely new level of understanding of our essential nature as sentient beings and once again, after eons of time, are able to grok ourselves as water-beings on this water-world. Because of our growing numbers, we are no longer ‘strangers in a strange land.’ We are instead, becoming our potential liquid-selves. It is time we turn our full attention to this endeavor and refocus our way of thinking and being to recognize the potential of this sensibility. Fortunately, we are getting expert help.

The greatest masters of Liquid Consciousness on our planet, quite obviously, are among the Cetacean race of beings. By one linear measure we can trace their ancestry back over 50 million years to a time when they decided to merge back into the ocean and waterways from the land. Perhaps as some means of survival at the time, it none the less became a conscious act and thus began a very, very long water history. In modern times, communicating with them represents perhaps, “the most important thing that humans can aspire to,” as the Father of Human-Dolphin communication, Dr. John Lilly used to say. Why? Because, Cetaceans know more than we do about the discrete subtle aspects of existence; more than our modern society has yet to even conceive or contemplate.

Consider how our world would be today if we accepted that there may be a wealth of knowledge and information that could be gleaned from our communication with such a sophisticated race of advanced beings. They as a race of beings would have consciously evolved over countless generations, and perfected their physical vessels of being. Their lifestyles would enjoy ultimate freedom and immeasurable abundance of love, affection and cooperation as a society that is unprecedented in any recorded human history, but exists only as legend and myth. Some of us seem to recognize on some primordial level that the whales and dolphins may hold vital keys to our next level of growth as a fragile species poised for extinction on this watery garden planet. There is mounting evidence that they are making a conscious effort to attract our attention and interest at this time.

Over the past half-century they’ve managed to entice us just enough to consider actually listening to what information they may have to offer to us about the more sublime levels of existence that they have come to know after untold millennia of being here. Several people have reported that a most profound aspect of themselves is revealed when they’ve managed to quieten the inner egoic chatter long enough to catch the unique echo-locating patterns broadcast by the cetaceans. Like a shimmer that may appear from the corner of one’s eye, a presence of being manifests itself just beyond our sense of what is real. There they float comfortably, waiting for us to awaken to the buoyancy of our own Liquid Consciousness.

It’s like waking up one day and instead just seeing the world around as described only by what our eyes can see and tactile senses can render, to suddenly having a full-blown holographic perspective that includes an omni view of the physical plane. Such a 3D graphic representation might reveal itself as a sensation of the total body and positing all our wits at once. This visionary perception is the everyday view of cetaceans. They have shown us that this can also be a human attribute, as it once was in a time before time, when humans and cetaceans had a simpatico rapport, and our own refined physical bodies were operating at fuller capacity -- not the puny 8-10% we struggle to maintain in our present day. Though this capacity has doubled in the past two dozen centuries, we have not even yet begun to tap into our fuller potentiality as a starseeded species. That’s just ahead in these fast changing times.

We now have the opportunity to experience ourselves moving like a river, streaming beyond the limits imposed by the linear belief systems of the old paradigm. Yes, the old system seems to still be in place, but that is the illusion that is being projected as a reality that in fact, never existed to begin with and is steadily loosing credibility. Our innate contracts with this 3D belief system from the time of our birth have acted like a playing field to work out the drama of existence as if it were a competition - portrayed as a fantastic board of chance, intrigue and sex appeal to dazzle and attract, while all the time the odds are stacked in favor of the house. Now, too many people have seen the man behind the curtain pretending to project a different image of himself upon the subjects of his domain. Now we realize that our choice is our own as we choose to swim in the luminous ocean of Liquid Consciousness.

~dwwebster, ©2000-8