Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Affecting the Dream Matrix

No matter what your current believe system or level of mastery, I think we can all agree that everything about the current cultural matrix is disintegrating and reforming all around us. Those who can must focus attention on the nurturing of this newly born planetary consciousness if the infant is to survive at all. Out of the protective womb, it is now most vulnerable to the harsh realties into which it has been born. It is much more than just saving the whales or even rescuing the various increasing dead zones we have created for ourselves through our glut and ignorance. We must go "all in" if we are to survive as a species. We have to save OURSELVES!

Yes, the very existence of the human species depends upon this new sensibility. There are signs that a new (yet ancient) way of thinking and being is seeping in, however gradually. Movies like Avatar affected millions and millions of people globally with a powerful message, yet at the very same time the Corporatacity was allowing the worst oil spill in history to widened the already huge dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico and kill out countless amounts of fowl and sea life, including wiping out a significant Sperm Whale birthing grounds. 

Yes, there was a multitude of protest voices raising up with prayer/meditation groups focusing attention on the spill. And yes, it may indeed have expedited the 'supposed' clean-up of the mess because of the sheer magnitude of the media maelstrom. But, then the President showed the nation it was safe to go back into the Gulf by swimming with his own family and thus justifying the lifting of the drilling moratorium so that we could all pretend to return to business as usual. Nothing has changed! Or, has it?

That's where those like us come in. The revolution WILL NOT BE TELEVISED! And the movement will not be trivialized by Whale Wars, The Cove, Flipper, Seaworld, Rick O'Barry or anything else.
That's because the WHOLE THING is being generated from the inside out. Think about this. Each of us is but a fractal sliver of holographic information that contributes to the manifestation of the greater whole. Most people do not acknowledge this and so are subject to the will of others. The POWER is that as each sliver becomes self-realized and thus changes, so to the whole matrix also changes. 

Now is the time to crystallize that inner part of ourself that "knows" beyond all doubt and reason what YOU need to do right NOW to be in your TRUTH. This is a life long quest, make no mistake. It begins and ends with each conscious breath you take. From your first to your last... You cannot affect the Dream/Matrix until you become the dream itself.  
Just remember to use your Heart/Mind filter to find the LOVE and trust your instincts that the UNIVERSE is playing fair.


Be Well and Swim Free,
Love & Aloha,
Douglas Dolphinus