Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Engaging the Dreamtime

I once described the Dreamtime experience as the opening of one’s “I’s”. That is to say engaging the Imagination, Intuition, and Intellect to obtain a unique in-sight as to the line that separates what are appearances vs. what is reality. Of course the seasoned psychonaut seeks to experience this directly with the I's wide open, either by a disciplined technique or stimulated by psychoactive intoxication. Sometimes both are combined to stare into the void from which the world emerges. 

All three informational energy streams seem to converge for processing at the nexus point inside the brain called the Pineal Gland. When one's imagination intersects with our intuition and intellect to activate the pineal gland's dream-eye wakefulness, the Dreamtime experience may commence like an opening portal into the ‘hidden place’.

The ancients discovered and wrote about this ‘Dream Eye’ which contains similar rods and cones to our external eyeballs. Bioelectric impulses excite the pineal ‘iris’ that sends indwelling light waves that stimulate the visions emerging from our ‘mind’s eye’ as fantastical, but often meaningful, even revelatory imagery. This process is apparently enabled while we sleep through the natural excretion from this gland of melatonin and notably, DMT, in addition to other chemicals. Stanley Kramer called it the “God’s Eye” in his book, Crossing the Threshold to Hyperspace. Even before modern science uncovered such things, ancient texts and traditions acknowledged the pineal in symbol and ritual, including the Catholic Church.

The Pineal still represents a rather mysterious aspect of human brain anatomy and seems to play a much more important role in transcendental awareness than previously credited or understood by modern medicine. 

The movie Avatar portrays a spectacular graphic representation of a sacred Ayahuasca journey into the dream world - that hidden land or Bardo realm that lies beyond the waking senses. Those who have experienced the effects of ingesting the sacred ceremonial tea will easily recognize the source material used ingeniously by James Cameron to insert a powerful cultural programming meme into planetary consciousness at this time. Global audiences are given a 3D fantasy ride that introduces a native Amazonian mindset and perspective that provides a glimpse into that indigenous sensibility of feeling the total connectivity with the Gaian/Earth Mother soul of the land. 

The story also mirrors the isolation tank experiments done by Dr. John Lilly in the 50s and 60s in an attempt to establish a threshold for communicating with an alien intelligence (in his case, Cetaceans). His ideas were fifty years ahead of their time as mainstream thought is only just now ready to start to comprehend what he was trying to explain.

Such an understanding inevitably defines itself by what we each can bring to it. So in this way, a conscious dream experience becomes very much like being a piece of Art that auto-renders the mystery of those reflected imaginal, Wonderlands that surface from our subconscious recollection of the experiential world around us. 


By examining this aspect of what could be termed our awareness assembly, the occult meanings open to the inevitable conclusion that there is indeed, far less separation between the so-called real world, and the dream realms. We are selectively beginning to realize that by engaging our conscious attention and intention we can thus shape shift both our dreams and conscious reality in a simliar manner. Some describe it in terms of the shift to a Second Assembly Point. Just how we come to terms with this phenomenon of human consciousness may well determine the future of our species on this planet.

Perhaps we may all share a common memory of the dream world that we are just recalling how to access as do the Aboriginal tribes of Australia with their Songlines. Put another way, it’s like the psychedelic sensation of moving beyond the linear word-symbols that both describe and enslave the waking world. Centuries of Tibetan meditative practices that map the imaginal territories for exploration seem to verify this as well. Perhaps this purer form of 'tonal' communication emerges from the residue of our core being’s awareness that we are simply holographic aspects of a larger, familiar 'dream-body' consciousness. These are but a few aspects of the emerging sensibility contributing to an acutely awakened state in this time of enhanced frequencies. Those of us standing on the edge of the cultural matrix are afforded a somewhat detached and therefore objective vantage point. As always, the choice remains with each of us as to what to do with this next strata of information that further dissolves the boundary separating what is dreamed and what is real.

Ultimately though trying to connect all the dots can only weigh down this process of shifting perspective from the territorial to Planetary and eventually all the way to a Galactic Consciousness. These days it's more important to simply BE while holding the energy of positive change at the core self. 

Knowledge of this core self is the ultimate key and indulgence for me as it perpetually unfolds its fractality of awareness to my Infinite Mind.