Tuesday, August 18, 2009

211212 Bar Code in Time

I do sense a pull and pulse around the idea that we are collectively moving towards a point in time as a kind of event horizon that has been presaged and charged to make up a major component of informational spin energy that affects the consensus reality matrix.

That as we pass over/through this nexus point, there is a polarity shift such as when a train passes a way station and conscious perspective shifts from one of anticipation to hindsight like a Doppler effect. 12.21.12 or 211212 is as good a way station to use as any other reason to account for the stepping up of the frequency modulation and acceleration of the game clock, so to speak.

We are all participants and observers on this field it seems to me.
Waves are surging and perturbing consciousness all over the place.

Be Well & Swim Free

Monday, July 27, 2009

Essential Awareness

The Etheric pattern recognition of Existence is being revealed, interpreted and realized by us in varying degrees and at various stages in our lives. These pulsing, thought induced wave-form patterns exist on transdimensional levels across the entire spectrum of our consciousness.

Our third-dimensional aspect, this 3D matrix, is often misrepresented as the only viable aspect of human awareness. It is however, the perfect staging area for this interplay of wave patterning from the very densest to the most sublime. We are, after all, perfectly situated between the infinite expanses of space as it pushes outward and inward simultaneously. Human Consciousness exists as the nexus point between the macrocosm and the microcosm. But, we all knew that. Right?

As a struggling society of conscious beings, we are collectively moving towards a new level of pattern recognition that we both share and participate in at the same time. Imagine infinitesimal fractal-like patterns overlapping one another creating a magnificent tapestry that defines itself with elements of contrast and force. This contrast does not necessarily imply conflict of force although their
reflective patterns may often be confused and cause strife. We are afforded another view of this polarity.

Instead, we may observe this as a threshold portal, where opposing elements are present, but in equal measure, like the aperture of a camera. In this way, we are now collectively obtaining spiritual intelligence that is being freely shared with everyone who is open to interpreting the information, as opposed to being shrouded in secrecy from societal fear of persecution. The spontaneous informational
free-for-all of the internet on the one hand is being equally matched and challenged by the intentional network programming of televised terrorism on the other.

As a part of the developing conscious atmosphere at this time of reckoning, those higher aspects of human consciousness within each of us, is naturally seeking a balance point in the amorphous soup, in much the same manner a scuba diver will establish a ‘zero buoyancy point’ to float at a desired depth in the ocean. In this manner, we are all seeking a comfortable depth from which to float in this Liquid Consciousness; something that is distinctly different than the solid, land-locked mentality of societies over the past ten thousand years.

The re-emergence of Gaia Consciousness represents a new threshold of awareness and understanding that is being accessed by greater numbers of people every day, and represents the essential elements of a great “Shift of the Ages” as it’s been called.

As we allow for the more fluid, liquid perspective to take hold, we can access even more freely, the so-called spiritual realms or dimensions of being that have long been perceived, but frequently misunderstood while being shrouded in mystery and fear. Certain things may be realized from this:
Not everything in nature is purely physical, although physical patterning represents the densest form of matter, and therefore the most discernible of levels. However, up to now we’ve placed far too much emphasis on our solid physicality – to the point of distraction.

The actual physical manifesting aspect of each of our personal blueprints may possibly become the seminal patterns we establish as wave frequencies, such as a tonal pulse that, in turn, has multidimensional implications. This unique wave-form pattern, like a cosmic fingerprint, defines our very signature of existence across time and space. It also represents our Heart Song: a sonic frequency pattern that is much slower and therefore, a much more ‘approachable’ spectrum than the speed of light.

Our individual wave frequencies create interference patterns between themselves and varying degrees of resistance manifests as negative energy bursts while allowances (zero impedance) create positive ones. The ebb and flow, if you will. The resulting unique energy pattern reshapes the essential tapestry of existence and thus becomes of critical importance and a key to understanding our participation in the overall design. Using such electro-magnetic vocabulary offers both an adequate description of our physical world and may also serve to describe the subtle realms of consciousness as well.

Furthermore, each of our individual pulse patterns contribute to a fibrous network, like a freshly pealed tangerine, a kind of lattice-like light pattern that perform such as fractals: all interacting with one another on the macro-microcosmic scale we’ve come to describe as physical reality. All of us in any level of awakened state are bombarded with these energy patterns, each demanding our attention so as to verify their own existence. In a like manner, our personal energy cords each desire similar verification. They function as navigational tools, while remaining intent upon finding that passage that might link us to the Source of All That Is. The Core Pulse. The Heartbeat of the Universe.

The positive nature of our existence on the physical plane is to generate a penultimate point of potentiality for consciousness growth to be made manifest.

Thus far in the relatively short recorded history of our species, that point has come to represent a misplaced survival-instinctual conflict for dominance over one another, that has created fear and separation as its primary byproducts.

This phase of humanity is now closing while giving rise to a new sensibility of tolerance and co-operation, still in the birthing process complete with painful surges.

As we come to recognize these opposing forces as twin vortices moving like double propellers on a boat able to generate considerable force of movement, we will once again tap into a magnificent power source for manifesting all manner of things on the physical plane.

Simply allowing for this to be so is the essential key to this new understanding. All that is required is to study and learn to recognize the wave forms being generated and sharpen our personal awareness skills so in order to catch and smoothly surf these waves of change and play these profound notes of the symphony while weaving our threads of desire through this glorious tapestry of existence.

Dww: 10.14.06; 11.05.07

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


A n A f f i r m a t i o n

How elemental can it get, I ask myself. If I just focus on the basics I can see that within each moment of realized consciousness, I’m given a choice. My ‘free will’ selection is a choice to decide whether or not I am going to accept each new moment in a negative or positive manner. Active or Reactive. Whether or not I will shrink from it with fear and uncertainty because of some programmed response, but instead, embrace each ensuing instant knowing from my core that it is in my greatest good to act upon it with Unconditional Love.

So simple and miraculous, yet it remains the central challenge in my life. I am learning to ‘breathe’ within this rarefied air, so that with each intake I’m consciously aware of myself, and the world around me. Like the admirable Cetaceans, who have evolved the biological imperative of being conscious of every breath they take, I too want to raise my level of awareness so that I seize each moment as if it is my first and last! I wish to intentionally move through my existence with the purpose of allowing each moment to exist as the Zero Point: that perfect state of being where everything and nothing are present at once, but in a state of harmony instead of a presupposed conflict between Dark & Light. Where infinite potential is exposed in full while nothing is hidden behind the screens and filters of my ego’s rational demands to adhere to the formal policies of the programmed, Consensus Reality.

There can only be one place where such a perspective can exist, it seems to me. It is plumb square, dead-centered, between the two binary codes of Yes & No that we have been lead to believe are separate, when in fact, they are part of the same oneness that makes up the whole. It is that same place, the Zero Point that mystics and philosophers have been twirling around from the beginning of recorded Time. And it is the same place that Quantum Physicists have been caught chasing their own tails as the observer and observed become indistinguishable.

* * *

Metaphoric explorers returning to the campfires of my collective intellect, report that what they have found is a paradox. A Pandora’s Box. Dare I open it? Can I afford to let go of the need to know long enough to see that it doesn’t really matter in the first place? To recognize that they’re all magnificent efforts to tantalize my consciousness with an utter false sense of being able to Know something…anything, when the only true knowing is NOT knowing — NO-ing, that is. Like the old Hindu proverb: Non-Attachment Equals Liberation. Can I afford to let go of such needs? Do I have the courage and faith to believe in myself, and my connection to the ALL THAT IS, to actually continue my trek into the Void? Into The Abyss of Pure Consciousness?

Well, yes, I say. I’d done it the other way all my life and it led to halls with no doors in the walls — a maze, constructed out of fear and desire, designed to push me forward towards some useless end. I’ve left that behind now and have asked Spirit to use me in such a way as to allow Essential Joy to reign in my life, so that I may demonstrate the marvelous affects of Living My Dreams.

I’ve cut whatever attachments I had to outcomes and removed all expectations from my field of vision to enable a maximized opportunity to live in and be a complete part of, this Eternal Now. My existence therefore, is like walking a tightrope all the time, but without the anxiety of falling into the Abyss, rather, with full anticipation and embracing its magnificence. Each instant unfolds as a miracle, full of meaning and gilded with the beauty of its own uniqueness. I am blessed in this state of grace, for I am given such an opportunity for the asking, because I have given myself over to the service of Spirit, which is here to serve me.

So, you must forgive me if I choose not to participate in certain games of politics or speculations of futures yet unwoven. These are no longer a part of my sphere of reference; no longer a part of my agenda of existence. I only wish to BE.

And in that bliss of Beingness, I seek only the Joy that is there for me within that moment of realization. That is my choice. It is also my gift to give and receive.

~dww. 10.28.2000

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Floating in a State of Grace
Take a long deep breath. Aaaaahhhhh!
Once again… letting go of all the stress and anxiety of the job, the shopping malls and road rages.
And now a third time… allowing for all demands and expectations upon you to melt away. Aaaaaahhhhhh!

Dissolve Now into a Liquid Bliss… Let go
and float freely into this boundless ocean of existence.

A good part of living has to do with gaining a level of appreciation for the subtle realms around us and allowing a measure of trust that the Universe is playing fair with us while we become centered within our heart with a knowing and core belief that we are all part of the One.
All of us, part of the One.

As ‘Lightworkers’ on our Spiritual Path we have learned to trust and focus our inner desire and intent to reach for a higher state of consciousness – a more refined version of who we are. One that more fully appreciates the gifts and miracles that surrounds us all the time. We’ve managed to cut whatever attachments we’ve had to outcomes and remove all expectations from our field of vision to enable a maximized opportunity to live in and be a complete part of, this Eternal Now.

Conscious existence becomes like walking a tightrope all the time, but without the anxiety of falling into the abyss, rather, with full anticipation of embracing its magnificence.

Each instant unfolds as a miracle, full of meaning and gilded with the beauty of its own uniqueness. We are blessed in this state of grace and given such an opportunity for the asking, because we have given ourselves over to the service of Spirit, which in turn is here to serve us.Each in our own way we’ve become practitioners of various art forms for self expression. Not from some egotistic urge but from a genuine desire to help make this a better place. We have each experienced, in one form or another, the ancient high art of holding open our hearts with forgiveness as well as gratitude that in turn liquefies any judgments that would otherwise lead to a closed bias. Some of us have even traversed those wondrous territories that lay beyond…

And when we are successful at navigating our way through such regions we often report the most profound occurrences – the real miracles of our lives. You know those moments when there is a heightened state of awareness and ecstasy that radiates from the core of our being, where we are at once the embodiment of Love and the essence of pure Joy and Bliss. When we release and allow ourselves to drift into a sacred space of surrender, that’s when the Divine aspect of All That Is emerges and reveals itself to us. Such events remain the most profound and personal experiences that we might ever have.

It is from this place of liquidity we may merge with one another and float is this ocean of oneness, just drifting together with no effort, without any need to know because we know beyond all knowing through our faith in a greater good that is always here, no matter how dire the circumstances. And we believe on a soul level that this Grace is the ultimate potential of Love between all things. The very substance that binds this universe together. The very reason all our relationships are born and nurtured to whatever outcome.
It Is the Reason Why We Are Here!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

End Times are Upon Us

All the signs and symbols lead us to the same conclusions:

Our Time is UP!
Judgement Day has Arrived!
Death is Stalking Us!

Y2K was simply a dry run it seems. Remember? It looked exactly like the actual scenarios of the mythic prophecies were all unfolding at once with Nostradamus pitching to Casey at the bat with Revelations on deck. Many of us thought that the end was going to be like, The Day the Earth Stood Still, where all technology was obliterated by some Alien force along with a sizable chunk of the population and then leaving us alone to get our act together. Those survivors capable of self sustenance are left to fend for themselves; many, most likely turning the world into Mad Max meets Lord of the Flies. An imploded society doomed to regress back into some primordial man eats man existence. You know, it’s like, Planet of the Apes all over again. Some legends even say it’s all happened at least four times before when former great civilizations had crashed and burned, leaving no trace. Maybe its like what Carlin once joked, humans will be “shaken off the Earth like flees from a dog.”

But wait a minute you say. This time it will be different. Ya think?

Let’s say a New Earth is arising out of the ashes of the ruins of the fallen towers. That a new vibrational frequency is allowing us to transcend those foreseen disaster movie scenarios and open us to the true Golden Age of Enlightenment we’ve all glimpsed as our destiny. Where we’ll be able to easily dissolve our veils of guilt, shame, lust, greed and all those other deadly sins which keep us separated from being in our full Honest to Gosh, Truth – our Integral and Sovereign Self.

However, only the Courageous, the pure of Heart and Mind, and the Initiates may cross these gates according to the Sacred Lions.

Let’s assume we are an integral part of this great cosmos, connected to the center of our galaxy like the spoke of a cosmic wheel and are just now phasing into a specific alignment for the first time in twelve and a half millennia. And further, that in this juncture in time/space, these new light frequencies accelerate and expand consciousness allowing our rational minds to embrace new thresholds of infinity while our heart minds easily delve into the infinitesimal meta-cosmos that extends experiential awareness out to infinity in all directions from a center point. And the two now may merge into an alchemical third aspect of the one evolved from the two. Where polarity is an observation instead of an obstruction and human perspective extends beyond a mere 3D material reality.

This then yields a synergy and perspective that transcends even the 5th Dimension and ejaculates into a Multiverse of potential realities all pulsing like orgasmic spermatozoa from the Big Bang. Yes, the sexual metaphor is appropriate here, because the verve emanating from our base chakras is the same desire which fuels our passion to become more of who we are. To know more and to Go Where No Man Has Gone Before. But, we know now that the Time of Man is over. So, what are we left with?

2012 is coming up fast...

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Mythos of the Human Soul

The Seventh Sense: Our Sovereign Identity

Once we understand that everything we perceive through our common 5 physical senses is then processed through our very own 6th Sense, we can begin to comprehend how each of us is then responsible for creating our own personal Mythos of the Human Soul, which is unique within our awareness and consciousness. This projected avatar becomes our Sovereign Identity: our Seventh Sense.

It is on this enhanced sensory level that our consciousness gathers the tools to construct a singular Etheric Body, as it were. Such a vessel then allows us to actively participate in the data stream of information that flows like a Mobius Strip of self-enfolding motion. It is literally a self-perpetuating energy machine that operates within both the dimensional and hyper dimensional levels that make up the Multiversal Self. This fluid intelligence is now emerging as a viable awareness being structured and supported by Quantum Communities of ethereally aware individuals in sufficient numbers to produce standing waves of frequency modulation.

There are certain guidelines to follow to create a meaningful affect upon the data stream of human consciousness. Certainly there must be mythos and drama to draw and hold attention. Attention, after all, is the fuel that drives the engines of Reality Manifestation.

Each soul’s expression can be compared to a fractal pattern of spiraling energy like the double helix of DNA. Each soul pattern is unique while it also resonates with all other patterns is ways specific to each relationship; some meshing with ease and comfort with positive charge and others in varying degrees towards the opposite correlation of negative charge and self-compatibility. This interrelationship model is the template by which the physical reality is made manifest. It is a self-replicating system of interacting elements of sensibility that ultimately define the nature of the world that we experience. No two patterns are the same and yet the overall patterning and fractal-like assemblages have a commonality in design and purpose. That purpose connects it inevitably to the Source of All That Is just as an umbilical chord ties a newborn to its mother. In this paradigm of Human Consciousness that connection may become invisible but can never be severed even as it transcends Space and Time.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Only Half Seen

Perhaps insight is like an extended nocturnal lightening storm -- metaphorically flashing glimpses of an otherwise darkened landscape to those bravely observing those photonic blasts as a means of determining the lay of the land.

I suspect, though,
That insights will only be afforded those
Who've tuned their receptors and
Opened themselves up to
These magnetic waves of light.

We are, after all,
Only dense physical reflections
Of the Higher Realms of Spirit.
The best We may hope for on this plane
Is to catch a fleeting glimpse of
This Spiritual Hierarchy
In hopes of giving Us further assurance of
It's Authenticity.

Like the twinkling stars
That are washed away by the harsh sunlight,
These realms are blanched
By the influx of our physical senses,
Overwhelming our ability to see those regions clearly and
Fading from our frame of reference
Like a night dream fades from our waking consciousness.

Both are there -- even if only half seen.

dw webster

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Liquisphere


My comment on this so called new wave of information
from a personal perspective,
as pertaining to the Cetacean-Tantric-Stargates
and the reawakening awareness of: The Liquisphere

This is a fresh fluid awareness, that along with other sensory stimuli,
enlivens the prime resonating frequency patterns that
are currently reawakening within us all.
It’s a kind of self-described spheroid psychic 'Inner Net'.
It’s pulsing with a new tonal electromagnetic language comprised of :
telempathic-holographic-hydrosonic impulses.


Hydrosonic patterning oscillates at much slower rates than light waves, but reflect identical harmonic wave values.


These impulses are the same vibrational pattern factors that innately activate specific light codes within us. These codes are harmonically resonating with the core essence of our Galactic Ultrabodies, thus calling attention to our Starseeded Awareness.

Our “liquid” selves existing beyond time/space-space/time.

On this galactic stage, the audience participates in the outcome and description of the performance and contributes to the quality of the event by projecting intentions of potential outcomes upon and within the spheroid event horizon. Such an occurrence should be a time of rejoicing once the final curtain is raised. However, like all good dramas, there is mystery in the curtain itself and much speculation about what may be revealed behind it.

Once reserved as the sacred rites of only the high adepts and temple initiates, this hydrospherical awareness has now come to the attention of more conscious beings constituting the highest percentage of the gross populace resonating with a state of awareness than in the past twelve and a half millennia. This seasonally recurring event is like a spring flower that blooms every 12.5 thousand years; its blossom of consciousness is a rare beauty in any universe and certainly draws attention to itself from all dimensional planes of existence. Each of us, whether conscious of it or not, are contributing to this nexus point as witnesses to the phenomenon.

A window, or portal, is created as a byproduct of this pulse that enables our individual consciousness to access this particular realm of awareness, and unlike the nebulous veil that separates our waking thoughts from subconscious imaginings, this process offers a clear channel of communication with the existing psycho-mystical shamanic sphere of understanding. These are indeed, most special and interesting times.

Aren’t you glad you’ve tuned into it?

“Welcome to the Real World...”


First of all, it is important to realize that this wave pattern frequency of Light exists beyond measurable distinction, outside of what Science so ardently clings to as the notion of limitations and exactitudes to make their formulas work. We, therefore, have no singular vocabulary that describes this foam-like connectivity. This froth is more like an amorphous blob of ethereal energy that exists as resonating fields engaged by pulse points of consciousness like charges of electromagnetic lightening bolts firing upon different parts of itself.
In other words, this perceptual reality matrix can be thought of as a living, pulsing organism in and of itself just as the ancient concept of the Divine Goddess Gaia Herself represents. Although, without the superstitions or stigmas attached.

Secondly, we all interact within this seemingly formless net suspended in dynamic harmonic resonance with this field of energy that is the Life Essence of Existence. Some responses are discordant and strident while the majority remain melodious in nature for all but a few of us. As humans, “We’re all Players in the Band,” so to speak. Within this context and by example, the orchestration of this energy grid is symphonic in nature. That is to say a large array of instruments, that taken individually have only secondary meaning, but when added to the accompaniment of the rest of the orchestra, produce a “greater sound” of symphonic resonance.

It was called, “The Music of the Spheres”, by Pythagoras, as it represents a distinctive set of esoteric principles by which the material reality does perform; many of which fall into recognizable patterns or resonant fields of energy.

Our attention, both conscious and subconscious, is naturally drawn into such currents by these decidedly fluidesque forces. Some act as a whirlpool of conscious attention, others, as electromagnetic phenomenon operating like emotional lightening storms within the atmosphere of our subconscious intentions and directly influencing how we express ourselves. This battle as it were, for an undivided attention, has been a major part of the human dynamic since the beginning of recorded history.

Third, and perhaps the most important is our individual frequency pulse and pattern as it integrates within this flux of this living liquid energy force. This interaction literally defines our signature tonalities. Once we begin to address our various signatures with a degree of discernment and compassion, a new level of clarity becomes available. This is clearly a state of Self Awareness that in and of itself, creates buoyancy. Now, like the proverbial vessel, our awareness is ready for sailing vast oceans of discovery towards the enchanted land of Enlightenment. The Ocean, acting as the perfect metaphor for how our “liquid light bodies” coexist, as part of this enhanced reality, embraces us.

Science contends that we evolved from the sea as a life form and are intrinsically tied to this source. I think of it as our bodies are like little planets and when viewed as such reveal the same patterns of complexity now observable from outer space over the entire planet; a synchronistic system of energy interacting on various dimensional levels right down to the microscopic and beyond.


~ dww 2008

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The TRINARY System

The Trinary System is comprised of the three aspects of Being: Mental/Physical/Spiritual (Thought/Sexual/Sensual), balanced harmonically with the three aspects of Heart: Sympathetic/Empathetic/Etheric (Love/Compassion/Gratitude)

We are as a culture, witnessing the transformation of our traditional Binary System to the next most complex in the sequential growth cycle of being.
0 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89…
It is both a natural and mystical process that enfolds and envelopes all processes of manifestation.

This process of moving from a 2D to a 3D realm of understanding is reflected in all aspects of the human condition and the evolution taking place across the face of the planet. Two Dimensional perception is being absorbed by Three Dimensional awareness on a global scale. As this aspect of consciousness takes a foothold on Consensus Reality, the alter-aspect of our Divine awareness takes its form. No longer restricted to an area of speculation, this new spiritual recognition now begins to assume a shared sensibility among informed (sentient) beings while the majority of unconsciously operating beings are swept along the current of change. What was once “unthinkable” has become “common knowledge”.
And so it is!

May all your dreams flow with a liquid force on a path of least resistance.

~ DolphinUs

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Nature of Consciousness

What is the nature of Consciousness?

We are Born
Into this Conscious World
As Embryonic Thoughtforms.

We Live our Lives
As Awareness Unfolds
In Fractal Patterns of
Magnetic Waves within
a Holosphere of Time and Space.

We Use our Experiences
To Fashion Our Paths
That Open to Fields of Merging Values
as to The Nature of Things
We might Hold in Belief
As Truth and Beauty
Within a Kosmos of Existence.

We Shape Our LightBodies
Into Vorticular Waveforms
Ascending/Descending Infinitely
Toward Multidimensional Realities
That Exist
Within the Twinkling of An Eye.