Tuesday, September 6, 2011

End Times... again?

The whole topic of the End Times is fascinating to say the least. 

Just 12 years ago many of us were looking at Y2K as a possible date for global changes to sweep us like a giant wave of broken computers that would instantly impact all known commerce, military and society. Some us were even hoping for something like that to happen, but alas it did not. 

Instead, something else happened. It was much more subtle and in someways more decisive. Consciousness shifted gears from a binary coded system to what I term, a Trinary System. I wrote about it at the time and have witnessed it's manifestation in the collective consciousness these past eleven years as the Divine Feminine has taken a foothold on society. 

Now the balance of attention between the old male dominated belief system and all that it represents in terms of separation by war and power mongering, and this new tripodal system is becoming obvious to more than just the ultra sensitives, the artists and creatives. 

Cetacean Cosmic Convergence by Jeff Phillips
Now, the critical mass boiling point seems close at hand. I believe it will have meaning for everyone on the planet, without exception, although be interpreted individually. 

I am optimistic that it will lead the majority of people to adjust their thinking away from fear based programs and begin to sense the collective energy of the planetary, Gaia consciousness. And in doing so embrace the ensuing Galactic Citizenship

Art by Jean-Luc Bozzoli
Multidimensional awareness, Interstellar teleportation, ZeroTime accessing and Quantum Field understanding are all part of the new packaging.

But then, we've all sorta been manifesting it full on since the 80s anyway.--