Monday, November 28, 2011


Many who have come to Hawaii to be with the dolphins and whales say it is "a calling" but cannot be any more specific than that. I believe that's because such a notion is a matter of the heart. The HeartMind is what I call it.

More and more people are beginning to access this part of themselves and the first part of such a journey is often a feeling of uneasiness (or DISease). Unsettled and restless. Some kind of itch that can't quite be reached but still needs scratching. Or any number of metaphors to try and attach some meaning to this new, yet somehow ancient sensibility arising within us. 

As your awareness increases, your consciousness will continue to expand to embrace the whole planet, then our solar system and eventually the galactic realm, if you wish it to be so, but first you must first locate yourself in the "felt presence of immediate experience" for such a process to even begin. 

I also have found it's easier on this psychic process to not get attached to things like explanations or expectations. To become, as it were, "liquid", that is to say, less solid in attitude. Like water, allow yourself to assume any shape and move with grace and ease wherever you go. And finally, like the dolphins demonstrate so often, enJOY each and every moment and don't become weighted down with taking yourself or others too seriously.