Monday, October 22, 2012

Serpents & Dragons

After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Navy's unabashed use of LFAS with no regard for cetaceans or any other oceanic life forms, the message from my fine flippered friends was to back away from any battling head-on against the monstrosity of the Corporatocity - now a huge Ouroborus in the final stages of consuming itself. 
Instead, they suggested that I put my energy into the hyperdimensional wave frequencies. That is to say, focus on the inner realms of emotional content and discipline as a means to heal and feed the planetary consciousness being born.

The so-called "Great Shift" that is occurring may yet see the last vestiges of prejudicial veils of illusion, such as sex, race, religion, nationalism, monetary systems, and all forms that promote separatism, becoming thinner and thinner as the need for secrecy based on shame, blame or greed, will drop away like useless skin from this Kundalini serpent spiraling up the chakras of human consciousness.

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