Friday, May 29, 2009

The Mythos of the Human Soul

The Seventh Sense: Our Sovereign Identity

Once we understand that everything we perceive through our common 5 physical senses is then processed through our very own 6th Sense, we can begin to comprehend how each of us is then responsible for creating our own personal Mythos of the Human Soul, which is unique within our awareness and consciousness. This projected avatar becomes our Sovereign Identity: our Seventh Sense.

It is on this enhanced sensory level that our consciousness gathers the tools to construct a singular Etheric Body, as it were. Such a vessel then allows us to actively participate in the data stream of information that flows like a Mobius Strip of self-enfolding motion. It is literally a self-perpetuating energy machine that operates within both the dimensional and hyper dimensional levels that make up the Multiversal Self. This fluid intelligence is now emerging as a viable awareness being structured and supported by Quantum Communities of ethereally aware individuals in sufficient numbers to produce standing waves of frequency modulation.

There are certain guidelines to follow to create a meaningful affect upon the data stream of human consciousness. Certainly there must be mythos and drama to draw and hold attention. Attention, after all, is the fuel that drives the engines of Reality Manifestation.

Each soul’s expression can be compared to a fractal pattern of spiraling energy like the double helix of DNA. Each soul pattern is unique while it also resonates with all other patterns is ways specific to each relationship; some meshing with ease and comfort with positive charge and others in varying degrees towards the opposite correlation of negative charge and self-compatibility. This interrelationship model is the template by which the physical reality is made manifest. It is a self-replicating system of interacting elements of sensibility that ultimately define the nature of the world that we experience. No two patterns are the same and yet the overall patterning and fractal-like assemblages have a commonality in design and purpose. That purpose connects it inevitably to the Source of All That Is just as an umbilical chord ties a newborn to its mother. In this paradigm of Human Consciousness that connection may become invisible but can never be severed even as it transcends Space and Time.

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