Thursday, May 21, 2009

Only Half Seen

Perhaps insight is like an extended nocturnal lightening storm -- metaphorically flashing glimpses of an otherwise darkened landscape to those bravely observing those photonic blasts as a means of determining the lay of the land.

I suspect, though,
That insights will only be afforded those
Who've tuned their receptors and
Opened themselves up to
These magnetic waves of light.

We are, after all,
Only dense physical reflections
Of the Higher Realms of Spirit.
The best We may hope for on this plane
Is to catch a fleeting glimpse of
This Spiritual Hierarchy
In hopes of giving Us further assurance of
It's Authenticity.

Like the twinkling stars
That are washed away by the harsh sunlight,
These realms are blanched
By the influx of our physical senses,
Overwhelming our ability to see those regions clearly and
Fading from our frame of reference
Like a night dream fades from our waking consciousness.

Both are there -- even if only half seen.

dw webster

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