Monday, July 27, 2009

Essential Awareness

The Etheric pattern recognition of Existence is being revealed, interpreted and realized by us in varying degrees and at various stages in our lives. These pulsing, thought induced wave-form patterns exist on transdimensional levels across the entire spectrum of our consciousness.

Our third-dimensional aspect, this 3D matrix, is often misrepresented as the only viable aspect of human awareness. It is however, the perfect staging area for this interplay of wave patterning from the very densest to the most sublime. We are, after all, perfectly situated between the infinite expanses of space as it pushes outward and inward simultaneously. Human Consciousness exists as the nexus point between the macrocosm and the microcosm. But, we all knew that. Right?

As a struggling society of conscious beings, we are collectively moving towards a new level of pattern recognition that we both share and participate in at the same time. Imagine infinitesimal fractal-like patterns overlapping one another creating a magnificent tapestry that defines itself with elements of contrast and force. This contrast does not necessarily imply conflict of force although their
reflective patterns may often be confused and cause strife. We are afforded another view of this polarity.

Instead, we may observe this as a threshold portal, where opposing elements are present, but in equal measure, like the aperture of a camera. In this way, we are now collectively obtaining spiritual intelligence that is being freely shared with everyone who is open to interpreting the information, as opposed to being shrouded in secrecy from societal fear of persecution. The spontaneous informational
free-for-all of the internet on the one hand is being equally matched and challenged by the intentional network programming of televised terrorism on the other.

As a part of the developing conscious atmosphere at this time of reckoning, those higher aspects of human consciousness within each of us, is naturally seeking a balance point in the amorphous soup, in much the same manner a scuba diver will establish a ‘zero buoyancy point’ to float at a desired depth in the ocean. In this manner, we are all seeking a comfortable depth from which to float in this Liquid Consciousness; something that is distinctly different than the solid, land-locked mentality of societies over the past ten thousand years.

The re-emergence of Gaia Consciousness represents a new threshold of awareness and understanding that is being accessed by greater numbers of people every day, and represents the essential elements of a great “Shift of the Ages” as it’s been called.

As we allow for the more fluid, liquid perspective to take hold, we can access even more freely, the so-called spiritual realms or dimensions of being that have long been perceived, but frequently misunderstood while being shrouded in mystery and fear. Certain things may be realized from this:
Not everything in nature is purely physical, although physical patterning represents the densest form of matter, and therefore the most discernible of levels. However, up to now we’ve placed far too much emphasis on our solid physicality – to the point of distraction.

The actual physical manifesting aspect of each of our personal blueprints may possibly become the seminal patterns we establish as wave frequencies, such as a tonal pulse that, in turn, has multidimensional implications. This unique wave-form pattern, like a cosmic fingerprint, defines our very signature of existence across time and space. It also represents our Heart Song: a sonic frequency pattern that is much slower and therefore, a much more ‘approachable’ spectrum than the speed of light.

Our individual wave frequencies create interference patterns between themselves and varying degrees of resistance manifests as negative energy bursts while allowances (zero impedance) create positive ones. The ebb and flow, if you will. The resulting unique energy pattern reshapes the essential tapestry of existence and thus becomes of critical importance and a key to understanding our participation in the overall design. Using such electro-magnetic vocabulary offers both an adequate description of our physical world and may also serve to describe the subtle realms of consciousness as well.

Furthermore, each of our individual pulse patterns contribute to a fibrous network, like a freshly pealed tangerine, a kind of lattice-like light pattern that perform such as fractals: all interacting with one another on the macro-microcosmic scale we’ve come to describe as physical reality. All of us in any level of awakened state are bombarded with these energy patterns, each demanding our attention so as to verify their own existence. In a like manner, our personal energy cords each desire similar verification. They function as navigational tools, while remaining intent upon finding that passage that might link us to the Source of All That Is. The Core Pulse. The Heartbeat of the Universe.

The positive nature of our existence on the physical plane is to generate a penultimate point of potentiality for consciousness growth to be made manifest.

Thus far in the relatively short recorded history of our species, that point has come to represent a misplaced survival-instinctual conflict for dominance over one another, that has created fear and separation as its primary byproducts.

This phase of humanity is now closing while giving rise to a new sensibility of tolerance and co-operation, still in the birthing process complete with painful surges.

As we come to recognize these opposing forces as twin vortices moving like double propellers on a boat able to generate considerable force of movement, we will once again tap into a magnificent power source for manifesting all manner of things on the physical plane.

Simply allowing for this to be so is the essential key to this new understanding. All that is required is to study and learn to recognize the wave forms being generated and sharpen our personal awareness skills so in order to catch and smoothly surf these waves of change and play these profound notes of the symphony while weaving our threads of desire through this glorious tapestry of existence.

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