Wednesday, July 15, 2009


A n A f f i r m a t i o n

How elemental can it get, I ask myself. If I just focus on the basics I can see that within each moment of realized consciousness, I’m given a choice. My ‘free will’ selection is a choice to decide whether or not I am going to accept each new moment in a negative or positive manner. Active or Reactive. Whether or not I will shrink from it with fear and uncertainty because of some programmed response, but instead, embrace each ensuing instant knowing from my core that it is in my greatest good to act upon it with Unconditional Love.

So simple and miraculous, yet it remains the central challenge in my life. I am learning to ‘breathe’ within this rarefied air, so that with each intake I’m consciously aware of myself, and the world around me. Like the admirable Cetaceans, who have evolved the biological imperative of being conscious of every breath they take, I too want to raise my level of awareness so that I seize each moment as if it is my first and last! I wish to intentionally move through my existence with the purpose of allowing each moment to exist as the Zero Point: that perfect state of being where everything and nothing are present at once, but in a state of harmony instead of a presupposed conflict between Dark & Light. Where infinite potential is exposed in full while nothing is hidden behind the screens and filters of my ego’s rational demands to adhere to the formal policies of the programmed, Consensus Reality.

There can only be one place where such a perspective can exist, it seems to me. It is plumb square, dead-centered, between the two binary codes of Yes & No that we have been lead to believe are separate, when in fact, they are part of the same oneness that makes up the whole. It is that same place, the Zero Point that mystics and philosophers have been twirling around from the beginning of recorded Time. And it is the same place that Quantum Physicists have been caught chasing their own tails as the observer and observed become indistinguishable.

* * *

Metaphoric explorers returning to the campfires of my collective intellect, report that what they have found is a paradox. A Pandora’s Box. Dare I open it? Can I afford to let go of the need to know long enough to see that it doesn’t really matter in the first place? To recognize that they’re all magnificent efforts to tantalize my consciousness with an utter false sense of being able to Know something…anything, when the only true knowing is NOT knowing — NO-ing, that is. Like the old Hindu proverb: Non-Attachment Equals Liberation. Can I afford to let go of such needs? Do I have the courage and faith to believe in myself, and my connection to the ALL THAT IS, to actually continue my trek into the Void? Into The Abyss of Pure Consciousness?

Well, yes, I say. I’d done it the other way all my life and it led to halls with no doors in the walls — a maze, constructed out of fear and desire, designed to push me forward towards some useless end. I’ve left that behind now and have asked Spirit to use me in such a way as to allow Essential Joy to reign in my life, so that I may demonstrate the marvelous affects of Living My Dreams.

I’ve cut whatever attachments I had to outcomes and removed all expectations from my field of vision to enable a maximized opportunity to live in and be a complete part of, this Eternal Now. My existence therefore, is like walking a tightrope all the time, but without the anxiety of falling into the Abyss, rather, with full anticipation and embracing its magnificence. Each instant unfolds as a miracle, full of meaning and gilded with the beauty of its own uniqueness. I am blessed in this state of grace, for I am given such an opportunity for the asking, because I have given myself over to the service of Spirit, which is here to serve me.

So, you must forgive me if I choose not to participate in certain games of politics or speculations of futures yet unwoven. These are no longer a part of my sphere of reference; no longer a part of my agenda of existence. I only wish to BE.

And in that bliss of Beingness, I seek only the Joy that is there for me within that moment of realization. That is my choice. It is also my gift to give and receive.

~dww. 10.28.2000

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  1. pretty cool description of approaching beingness....who is dww?